Phone collateral news

Phone collateral news informs companies about how to prevent late payments with automated API solutions to lock customers’ devices remotely. It brings fresh news from the locking device industry, legal situation and technology innovations. Our worldwide team is ready to share all information, which we help you make a better and quick decisions about the implementation of one of our phone collateral services.


Phone collateral partnership in Mexico

Phone collateral partnership in Mexico is DONE ! Now one of the biggest lenders in Mexico is using our Phone collateral loan system. After a 3month payment behavior improvement of 25%, a sales increase of 33% !! Our team is preparing an entry to Colombia and the Dominican republic. Congratulations.



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Can I share phone collateral news ?

Phone collateral news is totally for free. Each news represents our own opinion, the status of a process or internal news from our company. Phone collateral news is published biweekly by different authors. Before any modification of news, please contact one of our bankers
or authors of news for final confirmation.

Can I contact the author of phone collateral news ?

The author of phone collateral news is always our bankers, who have experience from banking and investment industry. Our bankers are ready to answer any of your questions, a preferable way of contact is always email communication. In our company culture, one of the most important rules is to answer an email for up to 24 hours. Don’t be surprised to receive an answer during an hour on your phone collateral loans questions.

Phone collateral news around the world

Phone collateral news is regarding all countries around the world. Our products and services are available on all devices, no matter about location. That’s the biggest advantage of our phone collateral description or phone collateral payment plans. Secondly, you can have a collection team in Australia and lock customer device in Europe.