Now we can lock all Samsung devices and use Samsung collateral loans

Samsung collateral loans are from now available on all Samsung devices. Include phones, tablet, tv and watch. Samsung collateral loan are on.

Samsung collateral loans on Samsung S9

Like last year’s old Samsung Galaxy S8 +, this year’s model literally embodies true design splendor. The phone looks extremely elegant and the discreet look will not offend both the jurors in the smelly hangout and the top managers approving the million-dollar contracts. The developers have kept any fads aside and any owner can look forward to real living beauty with our Samsung collateral loans.

Security of Samsung devices

Both sides are coated with a glass coating and the seal is protected by IP68 protection, which by its presence guarantees higher resistance and resistance to water and dust. The design was further marked by a light metal alloy, which gives the whole device strength and security. The phone is very pleasant to the touch, which is about it, but the handling site has suffered significantly.

Amoled display

The main side was significantly occupied by the 6.2 “Super AMOLED display, which, due to its extensibility, left a minimum of free space in the lower part of the device. Samsung collateral loans has solved the navigation buttons by software, so all the action takes place directly on the screen.

Samsung collateral loans on Samsung S9

Samsung collateral loans for Galaxy S8 + is above average and elegant. An unmissable icon of the whole device is the 6.2 “large diagonal of the display, which extends to 84 percent of the front of the phone. In addition, the screen is pleasantly bevelled at the sides, creating a nice design look – the manufacturer has chosen a somewhat unconventional aspect ratio of 18.5: 9.

Samsung collateral loans
Samsung collateral loans

Design of Samsung S8

The entire front and back are made of glass, except for the side metal edges. Really incredibly beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but in the case of use, this variant is not so comfortable. The phone is simply very slippery and I definitely do not recommend placing this model on the table just casually. All you need is the slightest crush and inattention and the phone is tens of centimeters further, maybe even on the floor. But its fit to our phone collateral loans everywhere.

Size of devices

And if we stay with the numbers, the device fit into the dimensions of 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1 mm, which clearly foreshadow the enormity of this smartphone. So if you are looking for a mobile phone suitable for the inside of your pants and summer jeans, the S8 + will probably not be a suitable choice (S8 may be). But both devices includes Samsung collateral loans.

The phone is structurally quite long, but not wide. This may surprise many users that the device is quite comfortable to operate with one hand, but of course with quotation marks, because few people can reach the top of the display. In case you need more information, please feel free to read our phone collateral news.

Lock customers device in Europe was a long time awaited service by collection agencies, lending companies, and device sellers. Big thanks to our legal team, who find the way how to offer our phone collateral technology in Europe.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Firstly, our Phone collateral loan is ready from the legal and process view to be live in Europe. And we already start negotiation with the biggest European lenders.

Secondly, our Phone collateral payment plans were already tested by a Czech collections agency. We received very positive feedback from their local legal team. The biggest awards were signed agreement and trust by top managers.

Thirdly, our Phone collateral description was presented to one of the biggest European telecom companies famous Vodafone. Managers take time to discuss with their legal team how to start lock customer devices remotely from a legal view. In the case of technology is ready by the Maloni team.

Lock customers device partner logo
Lock customers device partner logo

According to § 2010 of the Civil Code, the following applies: “A debt can be secured if a third party commits to the creditor or in favor of the creditor for the debtor’s performance, or if someone gives the creditor or in favor of the creditor property security that the debtor will fulfill his debt. The debt may be established by arranging a contractual penalty or by recognizing the debt. ” How easy is to lock customers’ devices!

“In accordance with § 1746 paragraph 2 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, the debtor undertakes to hand over to the creditor the Samsung Galaxy A21s 32GB white mobile phone, IMEI code: 012345678912345, which he expressly declares to be in his possession, for temporary use with the suspensive condition that the debtor is in arrears (hereinafter referred to as “Temporary Use”). Temporary use shall be subject to the condition that the debtor repays the debt. ” Just press the button or fully automate and you can lock customers device.

How to lock customers device simple way saying

The Borrower enters into an unnamed contract with the following contents: The Borrower will leave the Samsung mobile phone, which it expressly declares is in its possession, to the Lender for temporary use, which will begin when the Borrower defaults, which we will call “Temporary Use”.

This Temporary Use will end once the Borrower has repaid the Debt. Thus, at the moment when the debtor is in arrears, you (or the collection agency) will be able to use the debtor’s phone, i.e. block it or lock the customer’s. Once the debtor has settled the debt, the Temporary Use will be terminated and the phone will be unblocked.

After that, the debtor will be able to use the phone again, on the contrary, you will not be able to use (block) it, theoretically again until he is in arrears. The specific parameters will depend on the collection agency, as in most of the repayment calendar it is agreed to repay the entire debt in the event If the debtor is in arrears with a single payment.

Therefore, after the blockade, the debtor would have to pay the entire debt (not just a single installment) and the blockade would probably occur only once, but as we have already mentioned, it depends on the collection agency, how these processes are set up. In the end, it’s very simple to lock the customer’s device.

Usefull information

How to lock device remotely. More information you can find on our Phone collateral news page. Below or here you can check how phone collateral works.

Phone collateral partnership in Mexico is DONE ! Now one of the biggest lenders in Mexico is using our Phone collateral loan system. After a 3month payment behavior improvement of 25%, a sales increase of 33% !! Our team is preparing an entry to Colombia and the Dominican republic. Congratulations.

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Table of contents

Phone collateral partnership in Mexico
Phone collateral partnership in Mexico

Onboarding of phone collateral partnership

Mexico is known as a very hard scoring country. That’s why we concentrated on lenders there. It takes a couple of months for first signatures and shaking hands.

From a process view, most partners prefer to implement phone collateral functions between the scoring results page and the thank you page. Simple say, when the customer is denied because of a low scoring point, our app is displaying for download to get more points and receive loans.

Most partners prefer to offer our app to all customers. Have to say, not just short loans but especially installment loans, where they are using Phone collateral description.

Phone collateral partnership – Three kings day celebration

This Catholic festivity is celebrated across the Spanish-speaking world. On this holiday, families celebrate the Three Kings who brought gifts to Jesus on his birth by giving gifts to children on the eve of the 5th of January. The Kings are said to bring the gifts to the children much like the custom of Santa Claus in many parts of the Western world. Holidain Columa was sponsored by our partner and Phone collateral partnership. Traditional food for the holiday is the Rosca de Reyes, a sweet round bread with a hole in its center covered in sugar and dried fruits, often accompanied by a warm cup of cocoa. Inside the Rosca are plastic figures of the Baby Jesus, and it has become customary for the person who finds the figure to host the meal on February 2nd.

Central America and where to go next ?

Thanks to our presence in Mexico, we have an open gate to other countries. Next are Dominicana, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Maloni team is in contact with leading companies and collection agencies. We see huge potentials to complete our Phone collateral partnership in Central America. Good luck our team.

Usefull information

Here you can get picture of our co-operation in New Zealand on base of device collateral partnership. Simple description of how lock device. Or how collection agencies are using our phone collateral payment plans.

Device collateral partnerships cooperation has been concluded in New Zealand. Device collateral partnerships it’s covering every continent in the world.

Let’s celebrate, our team did a fantastic job. Thanks to our experienced managers, who have long-term working history in Australia and New Zealand we sign co-operation with local companies.

Gabriela from our team spent 5 years managing the New Zealand banking branch. She starts to create a new team and a new product from the green field. Like always she and her team were a pioneer of financial products there. That doesn’t mean that device collateral partnerships were easy to do for her. She never gives up.

Phone collateral partnership in New Zealand

Device collateral partnerships in big island

Device collateral partnerships in New Zealand, where the population is around 5 million is done. Meetings with Maori were very nice, like they are saying Maori were born from business especially they like our phone collateral products.

Where the signature was done in New Zealand

Of course, in Wellington, a city with a nice port, where you can find a lot space for talking about device collateral partnerships. Wellington is connected to the town of Picton on the second South Island. Ferry companies run two – Interislander and less often, cheaper, and from the center of Wellington Bluebridge.

Wellington is the capital and port of New Zealand. It lies in the southwest of the North Island, on steep and windy slopes around a deep and well-protected bay. The industry is concentrated in the nearby Hutt Valley. That’s the place where phone collateral loans were mostly discussed.

In Wellington, there are beautiful buildings from the Victorian period: the Houses of Parliament, Victoria University, the Church, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Paul, Tristle Inn. The interiors of the church and cathedral are in the neo-Gothic style and the wood is used exclusively from New Zealand. That’s where we walk with our device collateral partnerships partners.

The best place to talk about Device collateral partnerships

Museum lovers can book the whole day to visit the Te Papa Museum. This New Zealand National Museum is a modern complex that hides countless useful information for visitors from as far away as Europe. But not so far to lock customer device remotely.

The exhibition is devoted to the history of the country, volcanic activity, fauna and flora. As you walk around the city you will find many pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs and theaters. On Wakefield Street, you will find an information center that provides everything about city life and travel around New Zealand.

The second largest wooden building in the world is the Old Government Buildings on the corner of Lambton Quay and Whitmore Street. It is a parliament building. Very nice place to read our phone collateral news.

The amazing view of the whole city is from the high mountain Mount Victoria. It can be reached on foot or by cable car, providing access to the Kelburn district. Then it is just a short walk to the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

Lock device remotely is getting very popular by finance and collection agencies. Maloni creates a readily done platform to simplified integration to a third party’s system. The biggest value is that customers cannot uninstall the app, they can just with system approval. That’s why the lock device is so secure and unique by Maloni.

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Lock device process

The lock device process includes just 6 simple API calls. Divide by registration, confirmation, and orders. For the registration device, we need just a simple unique ID. Confirmation means that the customer downloads the app and from this time you can lock the device anytime. And then you are just sending orders like lock device, unlock the device, push notification, etc. Usually, last order is registration, what means that customer can unregister app. And from this time, you cannot lock the device anymore.

lock device remotely
lock device remotely

Time of integration

Simple say 5-man days include testing. All process includes 6 API calls with detailly specifications and sandbox. Our support team is ready 24/7. You can test lock devices for unlimited time and up to 10 devices everything is free to include IT support. Most of the time take legal checks, but we have a readily done opinion from each market to lock the device.

How to lock device?

Lock device can be done manually, automatically, or semiautomatically. For all options, we have ready dashboards, where you can test them. There is some extra function like schedule lock device planner, device groups, and device campaigns. In the dashboard, you have all functions, which you need for all lock device functions. Include reports of devices, financial reports, or a summary of all actions.

Shortly description of the process

We are not getting any customer’s data, what we need is just a unique customer ID. On the base of ID, we are generating account and link, which has to be sent to customers to download our app. When the app is download you are getting confirmation and from this time you have full control over the device. The biggest advantage is that customers cannot uninstall the app without your permission.

Usefull information

Of course, there are some basic function done by google. But to have full control over customers phone or API how to lock customers device its done by Maloni. Specially if you like to use our phone collateral services. One of our best service is phone collateral loan, which is tailor to lending companies. Other services which we offer are Phone collateral payment plan and Phone collateral description. You can check How phone collateral works. Or get detail information from our phone collatreal news.

Phone collateral loans are getting very popular by lending companies. Maloni has ready done solutions with a simple interface for connecting both parties. Lenders have a management system and customers have easy apps.

From partner statistics we know, that payment behavior is around 10-20% better using phone collateral loan than with normal process. Have to say, this new service saves a lot of money to lenders. And especially, at the same time, it learns customers to have discipline and payback.

How to use it

There are a lot of options. One of the most frequent is to use phone collateral loans during the onboarding process. This means after the customer is scored, he is receiving options to download the app true which lending companies can have control over the customer’s phone. Simple say, customers can download the app anytime during the onboarding process.

When customers have low scoring points

Some lending companies are using phone collateral loans for customers who didn’t pass their scoring. They offer them to download the app to get more scoring points and use their phone or any device for collateral.

Firstly, use customers’ phones like collateral are a very strong collection tool. One of the biggest advantages is very simple integration for lending companies to their systems.

Secondly, look around us, people can not survive without their phones. From our experience when lenders lock customer phones, then it takes a couple of hours when customers are paying back.

History of phone collateral loans

History is starting in Africa. The idea comes from African telecom companies, who didn’t know how to identify customers. That’s why telco starts the discussion with mobile manufacturers to create new phone collateral loan products.

Phone collateral loan
Phone collateral loan

Telco used Phone collateral description to sell mobile phones to customers together with data usage plans, SMS and minutes calls. Usually telco owned mobile for 2years, customer use mobile and data for 2years. Finally, after 2 years mobile ownerships were moved under customers. That means price monthly description includes payment for mobile.

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