Phone collateral description

The phone collateral description is getting very popular by Telecom companies. Maloni provides all-inclusive solutions to manage customers’ devices fully remotely with an open API ecosystem. The biggest advantage is that we can manage any device under any platform.

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How phone collateral description works

The system enables Telecom Carriers, Resellers & Finance companies to protect their leased devices against EMI payment defaults. Mobile locking technology remotely locks the devices that are leased to the consumers in the event of a failure in EMI payments or if the the devices are reported stolen. Phone collateral description ensures reduced collection costs and timely EMI payments.


Secure Your Leased Device Payment

Simple and secure solutions

Today, millions of people across the world lack sufficient funds to purchase a smartphone, closing the doors of progress, empowerment and development that could be facilitated by the use of technology. Millions of these do not have a bank account, let alone a credit history to apply for financial assistance to obtain a smartphone. Even they can use Phone collateral loans or just any phone collateral products.

With our technology platform, millions can apply for a financing plan to get a smartphone, paving the way for a promising future.

Maloni – phone collateral description

Let’s Simplify Device Leasing and Payment Requisition

Phone collateral description technology ensures that leasing companies have the ultimate control over their leased devices and the cost spent on recovering the defaulter, lost or stolen devices is a bare minimum. Think ‘virtual recovery agent’ for your leased devices!

Phone collateral description

Phone collateral description ecology

Old laptops, mobile phones and other electronic items are one of the largest contributors to global waste. Just in the United States, 70% of overall toxic waste comes from electronic items. And from total garbage is just less than 20% recycled. That’s an alarming number.

Phone collateral description enables leasing and financial companies to connect people who need a smartphone to discarded phones that would otherwise end up in the digital debris of our countries.

It is our duty to make a difference. We believe that all big changes begin with a small act!

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