Phone collateral partnership in Mexico

Phone collateral partnership in Mexico is DONE ! Now one of the biggest lenders in Mexico is using our Phone collateral loan system. After a 3month payment behavior improvement of 25%, a sales increase of 33% !! Our team is preparing an entry to Colombia and the Dominican republic. Congratulations.

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Phone collateral partnership in Mexico
Phone collateral partnership in Mexico

Onboarding of phone collateral partnership

Mexico is known as a very hard scoring country. That’s why we concentrated on lenders there. It takes a couple of months for first signatures and shaking hands.

From a process view, most partners prefer to implement phone collateral functions between the scoring results page and the thank you page. Simple say, when the customer is denied because of a low scoring point, our app is displaying for download to get more points and receive loans.

Most partners prefer to offer our app to all customers. Have to say, not just short loans but especially installment loans, where they are using Phone collateral description.

Phone collateral partnership – Three kings day celebration

This Catholic festivity is celebrated across the Spanish-speaking world. On this holiday, families celebrate the Three Kings who brought gifts to Jesus on his birth by giving gifts to children on the eve of the 5th of January. The Kings are said to bring the gifts to the children much like the custom of Santa Claus in many parts of the Western world. Holidain Columa was sponsored by our partner and Phone collateral partnership. Traditional food for the holiday is the Rosca de Reyes, a sweet round bread with a hole in its center covered in sugar and dried fruits, often accompanied by a warm cup of cocoa. Inside the Rosca are plastic figures of the Baby Jesus, and it has become customary for the person who finds the figure to host the meal on February 2nd.

Central America and where to go next ?

Thanks to our presence in Mexico, we have an open gate to other countries. Next are Dominicana, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Maloni team is in contact with leading companies and collection agencies. We see huge potentials to complete our Phone collateral partnership in Central America. Good luck our team.

Usefull information

Here you can get picture of our co-operation in New Zealand on base of device collateral partnership. Simple description of how lock device. Or how collection agencies are using our phone collateral payment plans.

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