Digital small device and NFT collateral technology

Digital small device and NFT collateral technology

We help our users build great and secure businesses

We help our users build great and secure businesses


Lending companies

Before you offer loans to your customers be sure you can lock customer phone, in case they are not paying back


Collection agencies

Before you offer a payment plan to your customers be sure you can lock the customer phone, in case they are not keeping payment plan

Telecom sellers

Telecom sellers

If you finance device on installment, be sure you can lock customer phone, in case they are not keeping installments


Let's build a better and sustainable world

Our vision is to build a technology platform that will enable people across the world to have easy access to refurbish mobile devices

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Accelerate your revenue, reduce defaulter payments

  • Prevent late payments with automated payment reminders
  • Tackle defaulters by blocking device access
  • Reduce manual efforts & costs in payment collection
  • Decrease credit losses & boost revenue
  • Chance to offer loans to low-class customers
what you didn't know

Strong secure platform

Everything in one place. Onboarding new customers takes 1minute fully automated. Ready chatbot. Instant offers and communications.

Management console

Management Console

A management console for Administrators that helps manage the devices, like setting up the environment, sending payment reminders, blocking and unblocking customers devices basing on certain parameters.

API Middleware

API Middleware

5 simple API calls to register, enroll, block, unblock and push notification(payment reminder) function. Middleware that provides the APIs to automate the device assignments, phone collateral and further management.

Customize block screen

Customize block screen

Block screen can be fully modified by you, have your logo, message, buttons depend on your brand book. You can even add your payment gateway for simple payment.


Maloni is built by thinking about customers first

This is why we are fully digital and smartphone based and can reach people far beyond the scope of brick and mortar businesses

Phone collateral loans

Rent devices

Our platform enables simple and secure rental of devices with the option of purchase, earlier termination or the offer of newer device

Phone collateral description

Lease devices

Financing the devices has never been easier, have full control over the device until maturity. Designed for new and old devices.

Collateral payment plan

Keep payments

Customers are just promise and promise to pay. Take their devices like collateral to keep their payments. Nowadays no one can live without a phone.

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Renting app, where customers can rent and sell devices

Get My Phone Price .com

Get instantly price for your phone. For customers around the world.


PLEDDU Virtual 3D museum of phones history
for every day

Maloni News

pleddu app


We are live with PLEDDU app Trade your old phone between others. Don’t throw your mobile->keep earth clear->give chance to others. We are mobile trading platform, where you can sell or rent your mobile.



First step is done, 50% is done. Visit our 3D PLEDDU Museum of phones history Learn history of phones and see it 3D We have over 100 old real mobile phones in Buy digital assets(phones) and own it in real All phones a stored in our real museum


Top 10 FAQ

The most frequently asked questions

Can we implement your locking system to our system ?

Of course, our solution is on modules base architecture. You can use one modul or all solutions. All true secure API calls.

Is there any setup fee ?

No, our integration is simple it takes 2-5days. Then we are charging you per year per each customer.

Your "Rent Platform" is ready to use ? under whitelabel ?

Yes, you can start phone secure renting business within 15days under your brand, with ready done mobile app and administration system.

Are you getting any other data from devices ?

No, data which we store is just IMEI of your phone.(manufacture numbers) and its require by manufacture.

We dont have access to any other data from customer phone.

Can we use your platform outside of EU ?

Yes, our platform is fully modifid by legal country restriction , languages or currency. It can be use around the world, where smart device are in used.

How long takes integration of you platform ?

Platform is fully independent and has all modules to start your business. We are offer fully done system for you to use. Include onbording, administration, collection, accounting, reports, risk etc. Usuualy it takes 15-30days.

We like to start new business ->financing phones. How you can help us ?

We are offering you completed platform to manage your business, include www, mobile app and administration system. Plus expirience and fully support. We are gold partners of Samsung and have partnership with other manufacture.

Does your platform - locking module support all phones ?

Not all but mostly brand like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Huawei

Why we have to use your platform ?

Before you decide to upgrade your existing systems or develop new one, its always better rent ready done flexible solutions.

Where else you can help us ?

Our team has over 15years expirience in IT investment banking and are fully responsible to succefuly transfer your business to new digital era.

What is PLEDDU Museum

In PLEDDU we are supporting free education, what means we create and running 3D museum, where visitors have chance to see history of phones for free.